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Jaeden May “Jaeden is 23 years old and is the only woman in the state of Utah who holds the CFP, CPA and NSSA certifications. Jaeden completed her master’s degree at 21 and specializes in social security, investment management, and financial planning. Jaeden enjoys helping widows and business owners amid transitionary life periods and constantly searches for ways they can maximize benefits in thier situations. She is a chamber ambassador for the Cache Valley Chamber of Commerce and a chair member for Women in Business Cache Valley.”

-Utah Business Magazine

Utah Business Magazine shared that they consider this award to be “One of our most inspirational events of the year, this one celebrates women who are on their way to truly amazing things. These are our state’s next senators, CEOs, entrepreneurs, authors, and arrivistes.”

When asked who inspires her most, Jaeden answered, “My grandpa passed away too young and left behind a lasting legacy. While I didn’t get very many years with him physically, he has greatly influenced my career and life decisions. He has inspired me to pave my own path and take risks. He loved the quote, “The impossible just takes a little longer.” In his short time, he grew his small business to provide for my grandma even after his passing. His successful planning inspired me to pursue financial advising to help others do the same.”

When asked what advice would you give other women in the Utah business landscape, her response was, “be genuine and success will find you. As I entered this space, I was told over and over again to “be confident.” It took me a while to learn that confidence comes from being unapologetically yourself. It is much easier to be yourself than to be someone else. How you treat others matters far more than your age or experience. Embrace your talents and trust yourself!”

Jaeden is a vital part of the AWA Team, and we are so grateful for her hard work, contributions to our team and to clients. We are honored to have Jaeden as an Advisor and cannot wait to see what the future holds for her!  


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The 30 Women to Watch will be awarded by Utah Business Magazine on 5/1/2023 and is based on entries from January to February of 2023. AWA did not provide any compensation to Utah Business Magazine for entry into 30 Women to Watch. AWA paid a fee to Utah Business Magazine to run an advertisement on the award however this fee is in no way related to Jaeden May receiving the award.

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