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AWA Charities Logo

AWA Charities Logo

Although, many things have changed or been altered, we are grateful that we still have been able participate in community involvement during COVID-19. Today we would like to highlight two of these opportunities:

Police Officer Appreciation Lake Party

We hosted an evening of fun and swimming for local law enforcement. The party included good food, swimming and getting to know those who loyally protect our communities.

We are grateful for our local, and state law enforcement, and their continued service.

Ryan’s Place Park Yearly Clean-Up

Each year the team at Adams Wealth, joins with members of the community to clean-up and update Ryan’s Place Park in Providence, Utah.

As always, we were grateful for all of the support, and those who showed up to update the signage around the park, as well as make some other needed improvements. It is through the support of our community that we are able to keep this park a clean, and great place for families to gather and celebrate life.

We are very grateful for the support of so many of you who participate, donate and attend our AWA Charities’ events! We have a full schedule of events for 2021, and are excited to continue to be involved in our incredible community. 

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New Committee Signs At Ryan Place Park

New Committee Signs At Ryan Place Park

Images are from Ryan’s Place Park, after the annual park cleanup day. As well as images from the Police Officer Appreciation Lake day.


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