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This time of year, we are typically planning for new goals we would like to accomplish as New Year’s resolutions. As I reflect back to this time one year ago, I imagine many of the New Year’s resolutions consisted of losing a few pounds, getting more exercise, finishing home projects, etc. We had no idea what lay ahead for us in 2020, and likely many New Year’s resolutions were wiped out by April due to Covid-19.

While many of us have made it through the pandemic so far without any significant life changes, there are many who have suffered greatly. However, locally in Northern Utah seemed to really weather the storm well. CNBC even wrote a story where it proclaimed Logan, UT to have the lowest unemployment rates in the nation.

I have watched with admiration as many of you persevered and worked harder than ever while maintaining a positive attitude. I am proud to be a part of this community that has stayed strong throughout the whirlwind of the pandemic as we navigated shutdowns, the fear of the unknown, and political polarization. I saw many take advantage of the Covid-19 panic and used the opportunity to capitalize on future investment growth.

After 2020 unseated many of our future plans/goals and threw them by the wayside, I have one area I feel strongly about I’d like to encourage people to do in 2021 — That is a goal of saving. Whether it is saving in an investment account, bank savings, or other avenue. One thing 2020 taught us is that we do not know what lies ahead.

The best method I have seen for people to have the most success is to establish a realistic savings goal, that happens automatically on a monthly or quarterly schedule. This creates disciplined savings, confidence, and guilt-free spending after the automatic savings take place. Billionaire and legendary investor Warren Buffet proclaimed, “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” We would like to encourage you to focus on planting seeds today for that tree to grow. Not only will this help build for your future and retirement, but it also will keep you prepared so there is less to fear when the next unknown major event is upon us.

Brendan Dennis, CFP®

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