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Cormac Murphy, CFA

Managing Director, Investment Management & Technology, Chief Investment Officer

Cormac is the Managing Director of Adams Wealth Advisors’ Investment Management & Technology division. He serves as the firm’s Chief Investment Officer and sits on the Management Committee. Cormac and his team oversee the firm’s unique investment strategies–including global tactical asset allocation, structured notes, and derivatives trading. On the technology side, Cormac works with a team of engineers to deliver automated trading and risk management solutions, ensuring our clients’ portfolios are cared for in a manner usually reserved for large institutional investors.

Cormac earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Arizona State University and went on to earn his master’s in economics from University of Colorado Denver. Upon graduation, he passed the exams and professional requirements necessary to become a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Before joining Adams Wealth, Cormac spent 10 years in Denver, Colorado with Charles Schwab managing over $4 billion on a global tactical asset allocation strategy.

Cormac grew up in Flagstaff, Arizona. He has back-country skied and snowboarded all over the world–from Alaska to Patagonia and Svalbard. Occasionally, you’ll even find him up in the beautiful mountains around Logan for a backcountry ski trip before the sun rises and the workday begins. When he’s not working or skiing, he’s spending time with his wife and two children.

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