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Isn’t life amazing? Each day we roll out of bed and encounter unique, individual experiences. How we react and handle these experiences is completely up to us. I have always found immense joy in this journey that we call life.

In my opinion, the most impactful aspect of our lives are the incredible relationships that we get to create and develop each day. Depending on your line of work and stage of life, these relationships can be relatively simple and routine, or incredibly dynamic. Whatever your daily interactions look like, it’s probable you have a few core relationships that drive you personally. If you find yourself struggling, I would challenge you to look at the people that you surround yourself with on a daily basis.

Once while sitting in a meeting with a client, an image popped into my mind. I would like to draw our attention to the wagon wheel above. Imagine yourself being the hub of this wheel. What relationships in your life represent the spokes? Are the spokes firm and strong? Or splintering and weak? Is your wheel round and true? Or is it lopsided, creating a bumpy ride? Are you, as the hub, well-oiled and refined? Or dull and squeaky, creating drag and negative friction?


Relating this to our firm and mission at Adams Wealth, I go back to that client meeting where this wheel came to mind. As Wealth Advisors and fiduciaries, we take great pride in being the hub of your financial wheel. We recognize that most people’s financial wheel is made up of many different financial “spokes”. At Adams Wealth, our promise is to help you create the truest wheel possible based on your goals.

— Russ Madsen, Vice President of Business Development


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